Gillum, Graham allies again after primary election

Photo: Wikipedia

After Florida gubernatorial candidate Gwen Graham lost to Andrew Gillum in the Democratic primary, she’s publicly announced her support for her former opponent.

“Andrew and I have been friends for a very long time,” she said after Tuesday’s election. “We were friends before this race began, and we are friends today and we will be friends in the future.

“And I said, ‘Now, Andrew, go out and win this damned thing.’ ”

But before they were competitors, Graham and Gillum were allies first. The Tampa Bay Times reported that in 2015, Graham chose Gillum to accompany her to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address. In 2014, Gillum supported Graham in her run for Congress.

And as Gillum considers a running mate, he told reporters in Jacksonville  Monday that “Gwen is in the mix, of course.”

By Katie Garwood

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