Tea Party encourages support for DeSantis

Sabrina Wheeler, a member of the Tea Party, stands in support of Ron DeSantis.
Photo: Courtesy of Sabrina Wheeler

Conservatives’ support for Ron DeSantis, the Republican nominee for  Florida governor, is upheld by their faith in his political background.

Sabrina Wheeler, an avid member of the Tea Party and the local branch in Jacksonville, Florida, spoke on behalf of DeSantis, who she’s known since 2011.

“He is honestly just the best person for this job,” Wheeler said. “He will uphold the Constitution to its intended purpose and he will do what is best for the community.”

            Wheeler said that there is a clear difference in the background between DeSantis and his opponent, Andrew Gillum, the Democratic nominee.

“He got a scholarship to attend Yale on his baseball talents and then he furthered his education and he graduated from Harvard law school,” Wheeler said. “Ron was a JAG officer in the military and he was deployed two times, including time served in Guantanamo Bay and in Iraq. He told me once he has no intention of having a career in Washington D.C. but he wants to work for his community and he is from Jacksonville. That is what he is doing.”

            Wheeler said that there is a huge difference in the amount of education and experience that DeSantis has over his opponent and that it would play an important piece in the election of the candidates.

In an official statement from Gillum’s campaign, they state Gillum “is running for Governor to rebuild Florida into a state that works for all of us. He knows everyone deserves good-paying jobs so they can support their families. He wants to protect and expand Floridians’ access to quality, affordable healthcare, especially people with pre-existing conditions. He knows we need to strengthen our public schools and end the culture of high-stakes testing.”

Wheeler said that if Gillum were to win, it would not rebuild Florida, but instead cause harm.

“Andrew Gillum is a socialist,” Wheeler said. “Socialists believe in the government taking care of the people. As far as his statements on furthering healthcare and education, he wants free Medicare for all. Where do you think he will get the money from to do that? And his stance on education will be disastrous. He will not be a supporter of free choice and he will uphold common core. It is clear how awful common core was so it should be common sense not to support a candidate that stands for its continuation.”

The Tampa Bay Times reported that after Gillum won the primaries that MSNBC’s Chuck Todd asked if Gillum was a socialist to which Gillum denied.

“No, I’m a Democrat. I ran as a Democrat, I am a Democrat. And, frankly, the values that I hold, I think, are consistent with the values of the Democratic Party. In fact, I think they are the values shared by the majority of Floridians,” Gillum said.

Wheeler said that DeSantis has already proved himself worthy of becoming Florida governor because of the previous work he has accomplished in politics.

“He is a man of character, humility, and he loves our country,” she said. “He is a constitutionalist and it has been shown that he not only talks the talk but he walks the walk.”

Wheeler wants to urge young voters that they can truly make a difference and that this historic election is in the hands of the people.

“There is a good chance that if we lose, we will lose America,” she said. “If we lose Florida, our constitution will never be the same. So young people, gather your information from different sources and make clear decisions based on what you have found.”

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