Q&A with the president of the Trump Club: St. Johns County


Diane Scherff is the president of the Trump Club and past vice chairman of the Grand Old Party in St. Johns County. She founded the club last November to help spread the positive messages about President Trump and his many accomplishments. Although her main focus is on President Trump she is highly involved with the Florida gubernatorial election between Ron DeSantis and Andrew Gillum. The Trump Club has got involved with the election and showed their support for the republican candidate, DeSantis, by doing door-to-door advertising and hosting events with DeSantis and speakers who explain the importance of border control.

Which candidate do you support and why?
I support Ron DeSantis because most importantly he cares about the people of Florida. He is willing to fight for people to have better lives. DeSantis is against Common Core Sate Standards and wants people to have the choice to put their children in charter schools if they so choose. He wants to keep Florida safe by having border control. Right now Chicago is dealing with a huge increase in crime rates caused by illegal immigrates. Barack Obama let in millions of illegal immigrants and now there is a serious problem. Florida could be in danger if the border control becomes less strict. Lastly, DeSantis wants to keep tax rates to where businesses can afford to exist and make a profit.

Why do you not support the other candidate?
I do not support Andrew Gillum because he wants to raise tax rates to 40 percent. He wants to turn this country into a socialist society, where only the top of the top has power. It keeps me up at night thinking that my children might have to live in a world like that one day. Gillum wants to open up the borders and give immigrants free education. Florida does not have enough money for everyone to have free education. He also want to legalize marijuana which will dumb down the society.

Have you seen a difference in campaigning techniques between the candidates?
I have seen Gillum signs on just about every corner. I think DeSantis is following in Trump’s footsteps and holding back on signs and focusing on events and rallies. Gillum also has a lot more money than DeSantis to spend on that kind of stuff.

How might St. Augustine be affected by the election?
Well if Gillum wins, colleges might not have the privilege to have small class sizes. With the lack of border control and the decrease of college tuition prices, there will not be enough money to pay the amount of teachers needed. DeSantis has the heart, passion and brains. He has what it takes!

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