Q&A With Kevin Perry, a United States Army Veteran


Kevin Perry is a veteran of the United States Army. He is now an advocate for fellow veterans that are seeking for security after retirement. He is a member of the Jacksonville Florida Veterans Association and he is vocal in his support for the Republican candidate, Ron DeSantis, in the governor’s race. He attended the hurricane relief rally on Oct. 10, in Jacksonville, Florida, along with many other veterans, to express his support for the cause.

Can you tell me your name and why you support Ron Desantis? 

My name is Kevin Perry and it is because he Is the only one that I think is going to be good for Florida in the next for years.

Are you a veteran yourself?


Can you tell me exactly what you hope he will achieve in helping veterans if he gets elected?

As far as veterans go, I think he will help to strengthen the employment issues in Florida and for veterans. He has made it clear that he understands the employment issues. He will keep health care where it should be for everybody and keep standing strong on the second.

Is there anything that you believe Rick Scott didn’t do or you hope to see Ron DeSantis continue to implement if he gets elected?

Pretty much stay the course we are right now. Rick Scott has helped Florida tremendously and I think that Ron will help that growth for the next four years.

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