Young Supporter Expresses His Dedication to DeSantis at Hurricane Relief Rally

Ron DeSantis poses for a picture with one of his supporters, Royale Dinero, at the Hurricane Relief Rally on Oct. 10.
Photo By: Emma Anderson

The Hurricane Relief Rally on Oct. 10 attracted a lot of DeSantis supporters to come out to Jacksonville in hopes of meeting the candidate in person.

Royale Dinero, 32, is a resident of Jacksonville, Florida and a huge supporter of DeSantis, which was apparent at the rally by his DeSantis and NRA apparel.

He said that he came to the rally to hopefully express his support to the candidate in person.

Dinero said that he supports the policies and ideas that are backed by the Republican candidate.

“I actually like him a lot. I’ve seen a lot of the things he’s talked about. I see that he actually has solutions for actually helping kids with all this propaganda stuff all the antigun stuff,” Dinero said.

He said that unlike DeSantis’s Democratic opponent, he believes that DeSantis will be proactive in producing solutions for gun violence in youth and in schools.

Dinero said he is extremely passionate about passionate about gun control and the right way to control peoples’ rights as he is a memeber of the NRA.

“He actually talked about putting armed police officers in the school and that’s actually a solution versus just take this gun away take that gun away. That’s all I ever heard from Andrew Gillum and that’s not really a solution. It’s not handling the problem,” Dinero said. “Ron actually talked about cracking down on more criminals. That’s things I want to hear like what are you doing about the people who are doing this stuff then it is affecting law-abiding citizens like me who just sit there.”

Dinero also stuck up for his chosen candidate and disregared Gillum’s agenda.

He said that with Gillum in charge it would cost people a lot more than it is worth.

“All I heard from Andrew Gillum was government, government, government. Government is going to give you this. The government will fund this government will fund that and I’m like who’s paying them for that. I’m like well that’s going to be me that’ll be you that will be all of us who go out of work every single day. So, I wasn’t with that. Everybody else thought it was a good idea. I was like no that’s not a good idea because we have to pay for that. Nothing’s free,” Dinero said.

Dinero said he expects to be pleased with the outcome of the election regardless of what the polls say as of now.

“Ron is actually getting with the veterans and the community and getting the people involved. He is being a respected face in the communinty and I think it will pay off in the end.”

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