Early Voting Attracts Eager Voters In Neptune Beach, Florida


Some residents in Neptune Beach, Florida took the opportunity to promote the early voting by greeting voters outside the voting precinct and holding signs to try to get a last minute influence on voters.

Christopher Dunn, 46, of Neptune Beach, said that he has had his mind made up about who he had in mind for the governor of Florida.

“I knew when Gillum won the primaries that he would be my guy. He is for all people and he actually has an idea about the real issues that are going on,” Dunn said.

With the debate between DeSantis and Gillum that just took place last night, Dunn said he was even more fired up to vote today.

“It just shows you the extreme difference in the two candidates. Gillum has so much experience and he was about talking about solutions he had to the real issues happening in Florida. He is respectful,” Dunn said. DeSantis, on the other hand, is still claiming there is no such thing as global warming and calling Gillum by his first name during the debate.”

Dunn said that in spite of the debate and his views he was excited to go to early voting and that he believes that is is a duty that everyone should respect.

“The whole idea that we don’t matter in nonsense. How can we expect a difference¬†to be made and actions to be taken if we don’t do anything ourselves,” Dunn said.

It seemed as though many people in the Neptune Beach area agreed with the mindset to get out and vote as there was a large turn out of both, Republican and Democratic campaigners and early voters.

The constant theme among the variety of people in attendance was to encourage people to vote.

“We can make a difference in Florida, or we can at least try, either way, it is better than complaining about something we could have done something about,” Dunn said.

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