Gillum uses Twitter to call out Trump and DeSantis


By Sarah Smith and Bridget Fadden

Since President Donald Trump publicly endorsed Ron DeSantis, Trump has taken to Twitter to share his opinion of DeSantis’ opponent Andrew Gillum.

Here are a few of Gillum’s tweets back at Trump and DeSantis. 

Gillum, who has made environmental issues one of the focuses of his campaign, tweeted about Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord Sunday. 

Gillum tweets at Trump and DeSantis the same day as the tweet above. He voices his opinion that Trump is not what he thinks children should emulate. 

The day before, Trump tweeted the following about the Florida’s governor’s race but only tagged DeSantis in the tweet.

Gillum responded to Trumps tweet below.

Prior to Hurricane Michael, Gillum suspended his campaign to focus on prepping his city and on recovery. He tweeted this in response to an interview given by Trump on Oct. 8. 

Trump said in an interview with WFTV-TV in Orlando that Gillum runs a corrupt city. 

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