Is Ron being Don?

Photo: The New York Times

As the Florida governor’s race rolls into its final weeks of debates, campaigns and rallies the polls report DeSantis and Gillum practically neck and neck. 

Gillum leads DeSantis 47 percent to 46 percent according to St. Pete’s Polls by ABC News. 

This poll comes after a debate on Sunday where DeSantis set the tone immediately by criticizing Gillum’s time as Mayor of Tallahassee. 

“Andrew’s a failed mayor, he’s presided over a crime ridden city, he’s involved in corruption and he’s not the guy to lead our state,” DeSantis said. 

Coincidentally, President Trump tweeted on Saturday, “His opponent runs one of the worst & most corrupt cities in USA!” In regards to Gillum. 

Some of the issues discussed in the debate included, environmental issues facing Florida, gun legislation and Medicare. 

DeSantis spoke bluntly about Gillum’s, “Medicare for all” platform, stating it takes away Medicare entirely from some citizens of Florida. 

“Andrew is for this concept, ‘Medicare for all’, which is a euphemism. If you read it, it actually abolishes Medicare for seniors,” DeSantis said. 

Gillum was quick to deny this accusation, and commented on DeSantis’s remark stating, “I expect we’ll here a lot of this revisionist commentary in history this evening from Mr. DeSanits.”

This revisionist commentary Gillum spoke of is something viewers of recent political debates have become quite familiar with. The most significant example being the commentary President Trump used frequently in GOP debates during the 2016 presidential race. 

One of the most memorable times President Trump utilized this commentary was in the 2016 CBS News Republican debate while in a heated argument with Jeb Bush.

“Jeb is so wrong,” Trump said. “We’ve been in the Middle East for 15 years and we haven’t won anything. We’ve spent $5 trillion in the Middle East because of thinking like that.”

This figure of $5 trillion Trump stated was actually incorrect.

“A recent Brown University study, for example, pinned the cost of the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria at about $3.6 trillion from 2001 to 2016,” according to an article posted by pulitzer prize winning website, 

President Trump became a pivotal topic of conversation when DeSantis was asked if he is a good role model for Florida’s children. 

“I was very passionate about moving our American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Andrew opposed that. He said it was a mistake,” DeSantis said. “Every president for 25 years has promised that on the campaign trail. Once in office they didn’t do it. Donald Trump promised it and he followed through with it. So to me, when you give your word and you follow through with it as an elected official that is the model we are supposed to do…To me that was true leadership.” 

DeSantis even mentioned that he was there with President Trump for the “historic event”. 

After DeSantis finished, Gillum noted he was confused about the question due to DeSantis’ roundabout answer. 

Gillum then put it plainly by stating, “No he is not. Donald Trump is weak, and he performs as all weak people do. They become bullies.” 

As Nov. 6 draws near, the question that has yet to be answered is how DeSantis’ pro-Trump platform will affect the outcome of his campaign.

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