A Young Female Conservative showed her support at DeSantis Rally Despite Not Able To Cast Her Vote.

Mckenzie Graham showed her support for the Republican candidate Ron DeSantis at Nov. 4 rally in Daytona, Florida.
Photo By: Emma Anderson

Many Republican supporters showed up to the rally held in Daytona on Nov. 4 to support Ron DeSantis in his race for Florida governor.

There were even some supporters who could not vote but wanted to do their part to benefit their candidate of choice. 

Mckenzie Graham, 14, said she has stood beside DeSantis in his path to become governor because he is a man of his word.

“I support Ron DeSantis because I believe he is truly a genuine man who is able to get the job done and really execute the things he says he’s going to do and I think that he will keep his promise that he’s made to Florida,” Graham said.

Graham said that there is some misconception in the media about how young women feel about political policy.

She said that the millennial generation has constantly been exposed to false information and that social media has played a role in how people think women feel.

She assured that her conservative values have not swayed along with many of her young female friends.

“I think that social media these days has a big influence on teenagers my age and I think that it is important for parents and other adults to help my generation to stay true to themselves and their own values and not let other people influence their political decisions,” Graham said.

Graham said that although the media has shown a split in the Republican party after the election of President Trump, she believes that the strength of the party is growing and that, now more than ever, it is apparent the corruption in the Democratic party, leading to a more unified Republican front.

“The media has always twisted around [Trump’s] words so I think that President Trump is telling the truth and I have supported him since day one. So, I think it is important not to let the left media interfere with your beliefs,” Graham said.

Graham’s demographic was not unique as there were many young supporters trying to encourage those who could vote to exercise their right.

“I am super excited and although I cannot vote yet I am trying to do my part and encourage those who can. I hope Ron wins,” Graham said.

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