Conservative Rally Hosts Patriotic Voters Nearing Election Day

Rudy Giuliani greets DeSantis supporters at a rally hosted in Daytona, Florida on Nov. 4.
Photo By: Emma Anderson

Ron DeSantis, the Republican nominee for Florida governor, has been campaigning around Florida in an effort to gain voters throughout the state.

Leading up to the final days of voting, DeSantis has been campaigning in the North Florida area, a traditionally Republican part of the state.

He began on Sunday, Nov. 4, by hosting a rally in Daytona that included Rudy Giuliani and the Attorney General, Pam Bondi.

The rally drew a fairly large crowd of conservatives that were visibly passionate about their candidate and the election on the horizon.

A majority of the crowd was dressed in patriotic colors and highly anticipated the arrival of Ron DeSantis and his entourage.

Shortly before the arrival of DeSantis, the crowd was addressed by a campaign organizer.

The campaign organizer kicked off the event by trying to fire up the crowd and he told them that the next Governor of Florida would be arriving shortly.

The crowd began chanting “U-S-A” which then broke out into the signing of the popular Queen song “We Are The Champions.”

When DeSantis arrived he greeted his crowd of supporters with many waves and shook a few hands before heading toward the platform.

Bondi and Giuliani followed behind spending more time with the crowd.

Giuliani took a moment on the platform to formally introduce Ron DeSantis as the next governor of Florida, this drew cheers from the crowd.

Giuliani also said DeSantis would be working closely with President Trump once elected and this prompted the crowd to chant “build the wall.”

The crowd was fired up about mention of the election and Giuliani assured voters that he “doesn’t know why the vote is even close” and said that he believed on election day the Republican party would come out on top.

DeSantis has continued with his campaigning in North Florida and hosted a rally in Jacksonville today, Nov 5, in a final attempt before election day tomorrow.

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