Q&A With Local Business Owner Donna Phitides.


Donna Phitides, 57, is a resident of Duval County and has lived in Jacksonville for over 30 years. She owns many businesses, including storefronts in Jacksonville Beach. She is a registered Republican and she spoke of the importance of this election on her businesses and her life.

Do you support Ron DeSantis? Why?

I support him because he represents conservative values and conservative policy.

As a business owner how will this election affect you?

As a business owner, this election is very important because the Democratic candidate wants to increase business taxes and impose a state income to name a few and those two things would be damaging to my business.

Why is this such a big election?

I believe this is such a huge election because it’s a choice between our capitalistic American values and the successes that President Trump has made economically for the country and the Progressive Democratic party wants to reverse those successes and push for a more socialist society.

Was DeSantis your first pick or did you have someone else in mind going into the primaries?

DeSantis was definitely my first pick.

What do you think would happen in the case Gillum gets elected? 

I believe that you’ll see a decline in Florida’s economy and a backlash for the policies that he would attempt to implement on the Florida economy.

Many people have called Andrew Gillum a socialist. He has denied this claim. What do you think?

I believe that the policies that he espouses and his record and the company he keeps all Point toward a socialist agenda

If you believe he has socialist qualities, what makes him so?

He is a Democratic Socialist the progressive platform of open borders pro-abortion Medicare for all higher taxes he doesn’t support law enforcement or the Second Amendment

What is socialism and why would it be detrimental to Florida/ America?

Socialism is the opposite of capitalism. Socialism wants the government or a collective Society to own and distribute whereas capitalism promotes private ownership and wealth. America was founded on capitalistic entrepreneurship and if you look around the world there’s not been a society that has thrived or succeeded based on socialism that’s why everybody wants to come to America. Capitalism is what this country was built on and the State of Florida has a thriving economy based on that premise.

Who do you think will win on Election Day? Why?

Well, I think that the DeSantis will pull it out I think with all the corruption and the Democratic Nominees Camp, the FBI investigation, voter fraud, his terrible governance of Tallahassee will ultimately expose him and again I think that Florida will remain red.

Do you think the Kavanaugh hearings will help or hurt the Republican candidate in this election?

I believe that the hearings ultimately have helped the Republican Party because I think that it exposed the Democratic Party how they have no conscience in demeaning and tearing down a man’s character with no due process or proof and I believe that several of the accusers have now come out and admitted that they lied.

Can you tell a difference in the Republican Party after president Trump was elected? Do you think his endorsement of DeSantis will turn off some republicans or do you think it will help him?

I believe that the election of Donald Trump has empowered the Republican Party because now they have someone who stands up for their values and doesn’t worry about being politically correct he’s an outsider non-politician who wants to do the very best for America and all Americans. 

Andrew Gillum is slightly ahead in the polls; do you think that is accurate representation of how people really feel?

I don’t believe you can trust the polls they had Hillary Clinton at 98% and look what happened I think that the polls aren’t necessarily accurate and I think once Gilliam is exposed for the values he represents Floridians will realize that that’s not going to be best for our state.

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