Morning Voters differ on whether this election is particularly important


Voters at a St. Augustine Beach precinct were asked questions about their opinion on voting.

 The entrance that led to the voting booths.

Q: Do you think voting is important? Why did you come out today?

Bryan Greiner: “Yes, [it’s] very critical, it’s pivotal for this election to keep the socialist party out of office I think it’s really important and I think governorship is really important right now…”

John Maguire: “It’s our duty [and] it’s our privilege…I’ve lived in many countries where people don’t get to vote.” Maguire used to be a U.S. Ambassador. 

James Whitehouse: “I like coming out on the day I always feel like it’s your duty to come out and vote.”

Deborah O’Reilly: “I need to stay with my guy, and republicans.”

Claudio Dallafiora: “It’s our only right that we have unless we’re running for public office, that’s how we can control our own destiny.”

The Democratic Party and the Republican Party both had tents outside of City Hall. 

Q: Do you think this election is more important than past elections?

John Maguire: “It’s the most important one we’ve faced for at least 15 or 20 years. It’s certainly important one in history. 1960 was the most important one in history.”

James Whitehouse: “No, not necessarily. I think this is just as important as any other election, I think to some effect I think the people who are running or the people who have certain views want you to think it’s the most important one…but I think it’s good for people to get out and vote because we live in a country where the majority gets to vote and decide what happens and so I think that it’s just as important as any other election.”

Kim Nesmith: “No, I don’t think so. I think that they’re all important. I think that the last one was probably more important. 

Deborah O’Reilly: “Yea, because we need to keep things the way it is right now [sic].”

Claudio Dallafiora: ” I think that all elections are important. Everyone should get out and vote.”

Mary Scine: “I think every election is important. So, I think it holds the same significance, but a great significance.”

Campaign signs outside of City Hall.

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