Will The Split In The Republican ​Party Help Elect A Democratic Governor ​in Florida?

Jennifer Pitts McKenna, a registered Republican, shows off her “Republican For Gillum” T-shirt after she early voted in favor of Gillum.
Photo By: The Miami Herald

Since the effects of the 2016 presidential election have played out, it has caused a rift in the Republican party, those that vote Republican regardless of the person behind the party and those who are Republican but Anti-Trump and against his rhetoric.

In some cases, Republicans are even voting for the Democratic nominee Andrew Gillum, not because of anything he stands for but, because they want to see a fall of the GOP because that would be a hard hit to the Trump Administration, The Miami Herald reported.

Mac Stipanovich, a veteran Republican consultant, has continued to be critical of the Trump Administration.

“They think that the only thing that can change the momentum that is Trump and Trumpism is defeat. Massive, bitter defeat. And they’re voting straight Democrat tickets,” Stipanovich said.

Stipanovich has been vocal in his distaste for President Trump and he believes that he is not alone in his disapproval of the Trump Administration.

Stipanovich said that the people’s discontent with President Trump will be apparent when it comes to election time, The Miami Herald reported. 

Jennifer Pitts McKenna, an Orlando Republican, told The Miami Herald that she would be voting Democratic in this election.

She told The Herald that she became ‘disillusioned with Trump’ and has realized that after she initially voted for him in 2016.

“She voted early for Gillum over DeSantis because she thinks he’d be a better governor,” The Miami Herald reported.

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  1. Miss McKenna will rue the day if Gillum wins. She needs to quit kidding herself. She is by no means a Republican. We hope he

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