Election night — Trump Club watch party in St. Augustine


By: Sarah Smith and Lauren Schroeder 

The “Trump Club” of St. John’s County met tonight to watch the election results at Ocean Avenue Sports Bar off of San Marco in St. Augustine.

John Rutherford speaks to the crowd at the sports bar. He is projected to win re-election to his second term in the House of Representatives.
Steve Hoeft at the watch party.  He said that he was at the watch party because he was invited by a friend who was in the club. He said that the most important issue for him when voting was voting for people were pro-life. “The issue that I’m most passionate for is the sanctity of human life. Republicans are more likely to pro-life as opposed to pro-choice. The other pocketbook issues and tax issues they would be secondary in terms of importance.”
Pricilla McCaffrey and Regina Tuttle at the watch party. “I love to be involved with what’s going on in the Republican Party,” Tuttle said. “I’m hoping that we can continue the Trump success…so we don’t become like Canada,” said McCaffrey, “The free speech in Canada doesn’t exist anymore…”
Merchandise near the front stage at the watch party. The apron reads, “Politics is women’s work.”
Judy and Glenn Shivers at the sports bar. “Florida is pretty good overall and I hope that we don’t have a state tax and that’s a big issue, and otherwise I hope it stays status quo,” Judy Shivers said. 
A Ron DeSantis sign in front of the podium at the watch party. 
John Rutherford with Kathy near where the T.V.’s were to watch the election results. Rutherford said that he has worked in the past on gun control legislation and works to cross party lines to get bi-partisan support for that bill and tries to work together with Democrats whenever possible.  
A book titled “God and Donald Trump in the center of merchandise from the club. 
Trump Club member, Mary Robbie said she had met DeSantis multiple times when he first ran for congress. “He’s a strong conservative and strong supporter of Trump,” Robby said.
“If elected as governor, I hope he’ll continue Scott’s legacy economically, certainly stop sanctuary cities and control illegal immigration and show the leadership we expect from a strong republican.”
James and Judy Walker believe Trump has strengthened the economy after it plummeted during the eight year Obama administration. James Walker hopes to see DeSantis “continue the good rapport with the Trump administration, keep jobs coming into Florida, keep companies coming into Florida to make Florida stronger and just continue on with the economy and the job growth.”
Vince Fattizzi, a Trump Club member greeting other members as they enter into Ocean Avenue Sports Bar. According to Fattizzi, business and the economy are booming due to the Trump administration. He also hopes to see DeSantis continue Rick Scott’s programs.
Benghazi hats on the table with other merchandise from the viewing party. 

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