Q & A with the President of St. Johns County Trump Club: Diane Scherff

Diane Scherff, President of St. Johns County Trump Club, speaks at an election day watch party for Florida governor race at 123 San Marco Ave., St. Augustine, Florida. 

What do you think it would mean to Florida if another Conservative governor were to be elected, as in, Ron DeSantis? 

“If Ron DeSantis wins, like I think he will, he will actually further what Governor Scott had been doing with his two terms, which is, keeping taxes low, keeping tourism up and clean water. I know people blame Gov. Rick Scott for the red tide, but that wasn’t his fault, so, continuing on with the Conservative ideals that we Republicans believe in if Ron DeSantis wins.

What are some similarities and values Trump Club shares with Ron DeSantis?

“We believe in rules, and values. The immigration policy is a big deal too, hopefully if Ron DeSantis wins he will continue on with that because he did such a good job as a congressman in the south district of St. Augustine, Volusia County, etc.”

What inspired you to start Trump Club in St. Johns County?

 “I started this group as kind of an extension to Trump supporters all over the country. After Trump won, I ran his campaign for St. Johns County and I noticed how many people were angry at the media, present company excluded. I’m a journalist too, but, they weren’t telling the true story, they’re not saying what’s really going on in Washington. They are completely telling what Obama, ‘the deep state’ and all the rest of them want everyone to believe. It is very sad, and it is very scary.”

Do you think, politics aside, the media’s representation of President Trump is slanderous? 

“My honest opinion is that they thought Hilary Clinton was going to win. They knew, Hilary was going to win. They are all part of academia, the media, Obama, they are all part of this plight to change the country as we know, through immigration and everything else. When Trump won, that’s why everyone was in shock. I’ve met the man a million times, he’s a great guy, does he come off like a New Yorker and fight back in conversation? Yes. The way he tweets is the only way he can get his word out. I think it is not about that Trump is this mean guy, although they’ve played on that, but it’s that he has destroyed everything that they were working on. ‘The swamp’, Trump wants to clean that out.”

Do you think Trump Clubs’ support of Ron DeSantis has a lot to do with the fact that he is endorsed by President Trump?

“I think honestly it really helps. Yet, with this organization, we make up our own mind about our candidates. I’ve worked with Ron, I worked with him for four years as vice chair of the Republican Party in St. Johns County. I did a lot of events with him, I got Ted Cruz to come down. I know what he’s about. Ron’s not the greatest speaker, but he is awesome inside. He believes whole heartedly, like Trump, that this country needs to follow the Constitution and be fair. 

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