Florida voters pass Amendment 13 with little resistance


In a Washington Post article, the Committee to Protect Dogs called amendment 13 a “knockout blow to a cruel industry.” Florida voters passed amendment 13 by 69%. Amendment 13 ends greyhound racing in a state that is home to a majority of the most greyhound racing tracks in the country. 

Greyhound dog racing tracks have until January 2021 to close their business which means over 6,000 dogs will need new homes.

Adopt-a-Greyhound.org wants to help find new homes for racing dogs. Most retire at around age 2. According to the organization, greyhounds are sociable creatures who are used to being around people and are not vicious. 

Racetrack workers and trainers among others will be put out of work due to the decision, but the industry has long been criticized for the abuse and ill treatment of racing dogs.

According to the Washington Post article, those in favor of greyhound racing like trainer Norm Rader believes the amendment passed because the industry makes too much money. Another trainer A.J. Grant, who cares for 120 dogs with the help of his four assistants, believes they treat the dogs like kings. Grant sees his dogs as athletes and gives them Big Macs as treats.  

The fight to end greyhound racing continues to attract powerful figures on both sides of the issue like Grey2K USA and NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer. Also in support of the amendment is Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and Lara Trump.

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