What you need to know about the Florida recount


The deadline for Florida’s 67 counties to submit their numbers from the automatic recount machines is 3 p.m. The secretary of state will certify their numbers. CNN predicts that 66 out of 67 counties will be able to meet this deadline. 

Palm Beach county has experienced numerous problems during the recount. Issues ranging from the system would not allow all three races to be tabulated at the same time to broken down machines. If Palm Beach does not meet the 3 p.m. deadline, their initial vote count will stand. 

Bill Nelson’s legal team has filed a lawsuit that would allow the deadline for the recount to be extended for every county. Judge Mark Walker is the federal judge currently considering the case. Walker could hand down a ruling that grants an extension any time on Thursday. 

Walker has already ruled early Thursday that Florida must give voters whose mismatched signatures disqualified their mail-in and provisional ballots until Saturday at 5 p.m. to correct their signatures. However, the number of ballots in question is about 5,000, according to Walker. This is not enough votes to close the vote between Nelson and his Republican challenger, Governor Rick Scott. 

The biggest moment will likely be the finality of the first recount at 3 p.m. The secretary of state is expected to post the results as one batch sometime after the deadline. Once the results are posted, the state should announce which hand recounts will be ordered. 

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