About us

DeSantis vs Gillum is a project of a journalism class at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida.
Members of the class include:

  • Emma Anderson is a senior at Flagler College where she is majoring in journalism and media production. She is from Dahlonega, Georgia where she first became passionate about writing and ultimately led her to come to St. Augustine. She’s an aspiring journalist with a passion to inform, write, and learn. She hopes to be able to learn endless ways to tell stories and continue to expand her knowledge in journalism. When she is not at school she is either working or enjoying her internship at WJXT, a local TV news station in Jacksonville, Florida.
  • Kate Brennan is a senior journalism and political science student at Flagler College. Originally from Wilmington, North Carolina, Kate came to Florida to study journalism in the state with the craziest news. Kate is passionate about politics and government and hopes this is one of many elections she’ll cover in her journalism career.
  • Meghan Gallagher is a senior journalism student at Flagler College from West Grove, Pennsylvania, with minors in graphic design and advertising. A lover of traveling near and far, words, and arts, she plans on spending her senior year buried deep in other people’s stories and creating content to inform while also gaining a greater knowledge on the topics she investigates.
  • Katie Garwood is a senior journalism major at Flagler College. She’s from Melbourne, Florida and has lived in the Sunshine State her whole life. Katie loves to write, edit and shoot photos for the student newspaper, The Gargoyle. When she’s not in school, Katie works as a golf coach for The First Tee of North Florida and plays often as well.
  • Lauren Schroeder took her passion for writing to Flagler College where she studies journalism and environmental science. She previously attended University of Tampa for music and environmental science, then transferred to Flagler College three years ago. Having been born in a small town in Pennsylvania, Florida provided Lauren with a fresh start and a new environment to study and write about. Aside from her schooling, Lauren also works on the Schooner Freedom sailboat, where she can utilize love for the environment and ocean. She hopes to continue in the sailing industry after graduating from college and do freelance work while traveling in other countries.
  • Sarah Smith is a senior at Flagler College and in the past has mainly covered protets and written profiles. She is majoring in Journalism and minoring in Latin American Studies. Originally from Venice in southwest Florida, she has lived in St. Augustine for the last three years for school.
  • Eva Shinavski is a Flagler College journalism student with a minor in advertising. She grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but her love for the beach brought her to Florida for college. A new state means a completely different realm of people and their customs. Eva is always ready to report on the beauty that surrounds her new home.
  • Cassidy Strauss is a senior media production major with a journalism concentration and psychology minor at Flagler College. From upstate New York, she relocated to Florida to further her career in a southern setting. With two study abroad experience and extensive excursions across Europe, her passion is to understand cultures and spread stories that need to be told.
  • Kyra Shportun is a senior journalism and political science student at Flagler College. After interning for Voice of America’s documentary unit in Washington, D.C., Kyra discovered her passion of informing the public through multimedia news. She has a love for photography and video journalism and hopes to take her skills back to D.C. to begin her professional career.
  • Mary Bell is a student-athlete at Flagler College. A native of Charleston, South Carolina, she is majoring in Journalism and minoring in Criminology and Spanish. Mary is in her senior year and wants to follow her passion of investigative reporting or sports journalism. She wants to use her journalism work in politics as leverage for opportunities in the near future.
  • Bridget Fadden is a fourth-year journalism student at Flagler College. She has known since she was a sophomore in high school that she wanted to be a writer because of her love for being on the yearbook staff. She moved to St. Augustine, Florida to pursue her dreams and also found an interest in marketing and advertising. She has written for the Orlando Sentinel, Vero’s Voice Magazine and has created an ad featured in the Press Journal.
  • Hasani Malone is a senior journalism major with minors in women’s studies and creative writing. She was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia and decided to pursue a career in journalism at Flagler College. When she’s not in class, Hasani holds vice president positions in the Black Student Association and Flagler College Volunteers. She plans on graduating in Spring of 2019 and to continue telling stories of interesting people in interesting places
  • Connor Reilly is a senior at Flagler College majoring in Journalism with a minor in creative writing. Connor has a passion for shooting video, writing and telling the best possible story. Connor has interned with C-SPAN, and Flagler College TV.