Trump tweets conspiracy theories on Florida race

After election night, President Trump composed a series of tweets claiming that Florida, Arizona and Georgia were finding mysterious votes out of favoring Democrats.  The Florida Senate and gubernatorial race were too close to call so the state has been conducting a recount. Shortly after, the president warned the public of a “huge corruption scandal.” … Read more

Cuban-Americans and Florida Politics

Statistically, Cuban-Americans vote more than any other Latino immigrants, PewResearch.Org. Because of their past with Fidel Castro’s Communist regime, Cuban Americans tend to favor the Republican Party in fear that Democrats are too socialistic. Rafael Paulsayanis has lived in Little Havana since 1980. He says he will always votes Republican. Jeanette Nuñez, DeSantis’ Cuban-American running … Read more

Bernie Sanders Supports Andrew Gillum

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders said that Andrew Gillum’s election would be a huge step for Florida and America at a rally in Orlando, Friday, Aug. 17. Sanders has been actively supporting Gillum at rallys across Florida. Gillum’s opponent, Ron DeSantis, has outspent him in the race but Sanders says that money is not all it takes … Read more