Political Analyst Rick Mullaney Offers Insight Into What The Midterms Mean For 2020

By: Emma Anderson and Kate Brennan Rick Mullaney, The Head Political Analyst for News4Jax, said that the midterms offered some insight into trends to be aware of moving into the 2020 presidential election. Mullaney said that there could be some foreshadowing for the upcoming election and that the midterms suggest that there are some points … Read more

Gillum Lashes Back at Trump for His Tweets

The Democratic nominee for Florida governor lashed out at President Trump after the president tweeted an inflammatory tweet referring to the candidate as a ‘thief,’ Politico reported on Oct. 29. President Trump, who has been criticized for his tweets, used his social media early Monday to degrade the Democratic nominee in an effort to draw support for Ron … Read more

Will The Split In The Republican ​Party Help Elect A Democratic Governor ​in Florida?

Since the effects of the 2016 presidential election have played out, it has caused a rift in the Republican party, those that vote Republican regardless of the person behind the party and those who are Republican but Anti-Trump and against his rhetoric. In some cases, Republicans are even voting for the Democratic nominee Andrew Gillum, … Read more

Conservative Rally Hosts Patriotic Voters Nearing Election Day

Ron DeSantis, the Republican nominee for Florida governor, has been campaigning around Florida in an effort to gain voters throughout the state. Leading up to the final days of voting, DeSantis has been campaigning in the North Florida area, a traditionally Republican part of the state. He began on Sunday, Nov. 4, by hosting a … Read more

A Young Female Conservative showed her support at DeSantis Rally Despite Not Able To Cast Her Vote.

Many Republican supporters showed up to the rally held in Daytona on Nov. 4 to support Ron DeSantis in his race for Florida governor. There were even some supporters who could not vote but wanted to do their part to benefit their candidate of choice.  Mckenzie Graham, 14, said she has stood beside DeSantis in … Read more

Early Voting Attracts Eager Voters In Neptune Beach, Florida

Some residents in Neptune Beach, Florida took the opportunity to promote the early voting by greeting voters outside the voting precinct and holding signs to try to get a last minute influence on voters. Christopher Dunn, 46, of Neptune Beach, said that he has had his mind made up about who he had in mind … Read more

Young Supporter Expresses His Dedication to DeSantis at Hurricane Relief Rally

The Hurricane Relief Rally on Oct. 10 attracted a lot of DeSantis supporters to come out to Jacksonville in hopes of meeting the candidate in person. Royale Dinero, 32, is a resident of Jacksonville, Florida and a huge supporter of DeSantis, which was apparent at the rally by his DeSantis and NRA apparel. He said … Read more

Q&A With Kevin Perry, a United States Army Veteran

Kevin Perry is a veteran of the United States Army. He is now an advocate for fellow veterans that are seeking for security after retirement. He is a member of the Jacksonville Florida Veterans Association and he is vocal in his support for the Republican candidate, Ron DeSantis, in the governor’s race. He attended the hurricane relief … Read more

Tea Party encourages support for DeSantis

Conservatives’ support for Ron DeSantis, the Republican nominee for  Florida governor, is upheld by their faith in his political background. Sabrina Wheeler, an avid member of the Tea Party and the local branch in Jacksonville, Florida, spoke on behalf of DeSantis, who she’s known since 2011. “He is honestly just the best person for this … Read more