Governor-elect Ron DeSantis to select three justices for Supreme Court

Three justices on Florida’s state Supreme Court are set to leave in early January because they will be passing the age limit to hold a seat. Governor-elect Ron DeSantis will be responsible for selecting their replacements once he is inaugurated in January, reported NBC Miami.  DeSantis has been presented with a list of 11 finalists … Read more

Andrew Gillum staff member fired after past indecent tweets discovered

A staff member from the campaign of Andrew Gillum, the Democratic candidate for governor of Florida, was fired Sunday after past anti-Trump and vulgar social media posts reemerged, reported the Washington Post.  The staff member, Manny Orozco-Ballestas, had worked as a statewide youth outreach director before the posts on social media were brought to light.  … Read more

New campaign strategies target tech-savvy young voters

As young people’s rise in activism within politics surges, text messaging has become the current favorite campaign strategy of political candidates to get the young voters to the polls.             President Obama’s famous use of social media during his 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns has inspired current political candidates to turn to technology as their … Read more

DeSantis resigns from Congress in midst of campaign

The Republican nominee for the governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, has resigned as a U.S. Representative in Congress on to focus on his campaign, the Miami Herald reported. In his letter of resignation that was given to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, DeSantis stated that because of his ongoing campaign, he will be absent from … Read more

Governor Scott denounces Gillum’s proposed tax increases

Democratic gubernatorial nominee, Andrew Gillum, proposed a raise in Florida’s corporate tax rate that was criticized by Governor Rick Scott, reported the Tampa Bay Times on Aug. 31. To help expand school funding and give teachers a base salary of $50,000, the corporate tax rate would be increased from 5.5 percent to 7.75 percent, under … Read more