Florida voters pass Amendment 13 with little resistance

In a Washington Post article, the Committee to Protect Dogs called amendment 13 a “knockout blow to a cruel industry.” Florida voters passed amendment 13 by 69%. Amendment 13 ends greyhound racing in a state that is home to a majority of the most greyhound racing tracks in the country.  Greyhound dog racing tracks have until January 2021 … Read more

DeSantis pays homage to the Conservative Latinos of Florida

GOP candidate, Ron DeSantis, campaigned in Miami this past month to appeal to a unique group, conservative latinos according to the New York Times. DeSantis changed the script from his predecessors and attempted to “woo” conservative latinos by warning Floridians of Democratic nominee, Andrew Gillum’s socialist ideology.  Republicans and DeSantis have portrayed Gillum as out … Read more

Florida education could take a turn with Gillum

Democratic nominee, Andrew Gillum, has made his education proposal a major pillar of his campaign. Florida schools are chronically underfunded, teachers say. Florida ranks 40th in the nation for students’ college-preparedness, according to the U.S. News and World Report. Gillum wants to pump $1 billion into early childhood education and raise teacher salaries to $50,000. … Read more

Florida governor’s race 2018: candidates’ policies in their own words

  Reported by the Orlando Sentinel, Gillum and DeSantis were asked to give three specific policy proposals that best represent their candidacy. U.S. Representative Ron DeSantis a, Republican wants to create more opportunities for students who want to enter the workforce out of high school. He also wants to recruit new industries in finance and … Read more