Environmental Amendment passed in Florida

Amendment nine, which passed on Election Day, protects against drilling in state water and prohibits smoking or vaping in many places in a “clean air, clean water” amendment, according to the Naples Daily News. The amendment changes the rules within state waters so that no oil drilling can happen within state jurisdiction. However, oil from … Read more

Morning Voters differ on whether this election is particularly important

Voters at a St. Augustine Beach precinct were asked questions about their opinion on voting. Q: Do you think voting is important? Why did you come out today? Bryan Greiner: “Yes, [it’s] very critical, it’s pivotal for this election to keep the socialist party out of office I think it’s really important and I think … Read more

Jeanette Nuñez and Ron DeSantis speak to “Women for DeSantis” in Jacksonville.

Ron DeSantis spoke to women voters Tuesday as he visited the Republican headquarters in Jacksonville. Also speaking that day was his running mate Jeanette Nuñez and his wife, Casey DeSantis.  Nuñez took the microphone first where she thanked the women gathered for their help with the campaign. “You recognize that our future is very much … Read more

Gillum will return to campaign Thursday, missing first debate

Andrew Gillum announced he will resume his campaign Thursday and will not attend the first debate that was set for Wednesday, according to the Tampa Bay Times. His campaign was suspended after Hurricane Michael that hit the Florida Panhandle last week, where Gillum is mayor of Tallahassee. “In times like these, campaigning has to take … Read more

Q&A: Political science professor says environment and immigration might be Gillum’s advantage

Worries over such issues as the environment and immigration are likely to push many voters to turn out for Democratic candidate for governor Andrew Gillum, said Dr. Rachel Cremona, a political science professor at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida. Question: What do you think about the race in general and how it is going … Read more

Hurricanes become an issue in the race for Florida governor

Hurricane Michael has stirred up discussion about how well the candidates would weather being governor during a hurricane, the Sun Sentinel reported. Republican candidate Ron DeSantis claimed in a political ad that his Democratic opponent Andrew Gillum made decisions that caused power to be out for longer than necessary during the Hurricane Hermine in 2016. … Read more

Susie Wiles becomes “Campaign Chairwoman” for a trailing Desantis

Trailing in the polls, Republican candidate Ron DeSantis announced Susan “Susie” Wiles as his campaign chairwoman to turn around his campaign for Florida governor, the Miami Herald reported. Wiles previously worked with Donald Trump on his Florida campaign in 2016 and with Gov. Rick Scott in 2010, according to the Florida Times-Union. She currently lives … Read more