Documents surface regarding Andrew Gillum’s infamous “Hamilton” tickets

Text messages, videos, pictures and other documents turned over Tuesday to the Florida’s ethics commission support the claim that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum used money from lobbyist to pay for trips to Costa Rica and New York City, AP reported on Tuesday. The documents turned over to the Florida Commission on Ethics by Tallahassee … Read more

Gillum driving records tied to ‘active criminal investigation’

Democratic gubernatorial nominee’s driving records are linked to an ‘active criminal investigation.’ An audit housed with the Florida Department of Highway and Motor Vehicles revealed that governments or law enforcement agencies have accessed Andrew Gillum 106 times, POLITICO reported. The vast majority of Gillum’s records were redacted by the department. The records, accessible through the … Read more

White Supremacist group targets Florida gubernatorial candidate

Racially-charged phone calls targeting Florida’s black Democratic gubernatorial nominee were from a white supremacist video podcast linked to incendiary robocalls in Iowa and California, AP reported on Sept. 2. The recorded calls feature someone claiming to be Andrew Gillum, urging voters to support his campaign in an old-time minstrel dialect.  In an interview on State … Read more