Political Analyst Rick Mullaney Offers Insight Into What The Midterms Mean For 2020

By: Emma Anderson and Kate Brennan Rick Mullaney, The Head Political Analyst for News4Jax, said that the midterms offered some insight into trends to be aware of moving into the 2020 presidential election. Mullaney said that there could be some foreshadowing for the upcoming election and that the midterms suggest that there are some points … Read more

DeSantis Thanks Trump

On Dec. 2 Florida Governor Ron DeSantis tweeted at President Donald Trump thanking him for his fight against the opioid crisis.  Attached to the tweet was a South Florida SunSentinel article about Trump’s meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping. The president agreed to declare fentanyl a controlled substance in China. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that has … Read more

Governor-elect Ron DeSantis to select three justices for Supreme Court

Three justices on Florida’s state Supreme Court are set to leave in early January because they will be passing the age limit to hold a seat. Governor-elect Ron DeSantis will be responsible for selecting their replacements once he is inaugurated in January, reported NBC Miami.  DeSantis has been presented with a list of 11 finalists … Read more

Florida voters pass Amendment 13 with little resistance

In a Washington Post article, the Committee to Protect Dogs called amendment 13 a “knockout blow to a cruel industry.” Florida voters passed amendment 13 by 69%. Amendment 13 ends greyhound racing in a state that is home to a majority of the most greyhound racing tracks in the country.  Greyhound dog racing tracks have until January 2021 … Read more

Environmental Amendment passed in Florida

Amendment nine, which passed on Election Day, protects against drilling in state water and prohibits smoking or vaping in many places in a “clean air, clean water” amendment, according to the Naples Daily News. The amendment changes the rules within state waters so that no oil drilling can happen within state jurisdiction. However, oil from … Read more

Campaign worker’s panic sets in: What to do next?

By Meghan Gallagher Huffington post shared the story of Sarah Willenbrink-Sahin, the regional field director for the Ohio Democratic Party who was left unemployed after the Republican victory for the midterms. The article expressed this a common dilemma, “At the end of each midterm election, up to 20,000 people suddenly lose their jobs.” While few … Read more

Trump tweets conspiracy theories on Florida race

After election night, President Trump composed a series of tweets claiming that Florida, Arizona and Georgia were finding mysterious votes out of favoring Democrats.  The Florida Senate and gubernatorial race were too close to call so the state has been conducting a recount. Shortly after, the president warned the public of a “huge corruption scandal.” … Read more