DeSantis Names Transition Team, as Recount Comes to a Close

As Florida come to a close, presumed governor-elect of Florida, Ron DeSantis, announced his transition team on Monday, Nov. 12. The staff members listed would assist DeSantis in setting up his administration. DeSantis made it clear that he is going to keep pushing forward despite the ongoing recount — confident that he’s been elected into … Read more

Millennial Voters Through the Eyes of a Republican

James Pennington, a volunteer at the Elk Lodge poll location, set up a ¬†Republican tent for voters. He later attended a Republican watch party at Buffalo Wild Wings which consisted of mostly middle-aged white people. There were seven participants under the age of 30. “Millennials are looking for their niche politically. It’s important to get … Read more

Q & A with the President of St. Johns County Trump Club: Diane Scherff

What do you think it would mean to Florida if another Conservative governor were to be elected, as in, Ron DeSantis?¬† “If Ron DeSantis wins, like I think he will, he will actually further what Governor Scott had been doing with his two terms, which is, keeping taxes low, keeping tourism up and clean water. … Read more

St. Johns County swings red, sees high voter turnout in Governor’s Race

On Tuesday, Floridians elected Republican Ron DeSantis as the 46th governor of Florida, despite months of polls predicting a Democratic win. Residents in St. Johns County, Florida, overwhelmingly voted for DeSantis, with him taking 63.9 percent of the votes. Andrew Gillum had only 35.3 percent of votes, and other candidates took 0.9 percent, according to … Read more