Will The Split In The Republican ​Party Help Elect A Democratic Governor ​in Florida?

Since the effects of the 2016 presidential election have played out, it has caused a rift in the Republican party, those that vote Republican regardless of the person behind the party and those who are Republican but Anti-Trump and against his rhetoric. In some cases, Republicans are even voting for the Democratic nominee Andrew Gillum, … Read more

High school administrator recounts Gillum’s start in politics

Andrew Gillum, the democratic nominee for governor of the state of Florida, is campaigning to be governor, but what offices has he served in previously? In 1997, the student activites director told 17-year-old Gillum “You will be governor of the State of Florida one day” in 1997. Linda Awbrey, who was the student activities director … Read more

Possible candidates for lieutenant governor

With only two days left to announce their running mates, Andrew Gillum and Ron DeSantis have picked top candidates, according to the Naples Daily News.  The candidates have until Sept. 6 to choose who will join them in their candidacy for governor.  DeSantis’ top picks include Laurel Lee, Debbie Mayfield, and Bob Cortes, the paper … Read more

Gillum could be the most “far-left” Florida has ever seen

Along with political science professor of University of South Florida, Susan MacManus, some people wonder if Gillum is the most liberal candidate to run in the governor’s race. Gillum is not shying away from stating his democratic opinions. According to Herald Tribune Gillum has made comments about impeaching President Trump, legalizing marijuana, and abolishing the U.S. … Read more