Early Voting Attracts Eager Voters In Neptune Beach, Florida

Some residents in Neptune Beach, Florida took the opportunity to promote the early voting by greeting voters outside the voting precinct and holding signs to try to get a last minute influence on voters. Christopher Dunn, 46, of Neptune Beach, said that he has had his mind made up about who he had in mind … Read more

Young Supporter Expresses His Dedication to DeSantis at Hurricane Relief Rally

The Hurricane Relief Rally on Oct. 10 attracted a lot of DeSantis supporters to come out to Jacksonville in hopes of meeting the candidate in person. Royale Dinero, 32, is a resident of Jacksonville, Florida and a huge supporter of DeSantis, which was apparent at the rally by his DeSantis and NRA apparel. He said … Read more

Susie Wiles becomes “Campaign Chairwoman” for a trailing Desantis

Trailing in the polls, Republican candidate Ron DeSantis announced Susan “Susie” Wiles as his campaign chairwoman to turn around his campaign for Florida governor, the Miami Herald reported. Wiles previously worked with Donald Trump on his Florida campaign in 2016 and with Gov. Rick Scott in 2010, according to the Florida Times-Union. She currently lives … Read more

Puerto Rican Governor endorses Gillum and other democratic candidate

Gov. Ricardo Rosselló announced Monday that he supports Andrew Gillum for governor of Florida while in Kissimmee the Associated Press reported. The governor of Puerto Rico also endorsed Bill Nelson for senate due to his past position of equal rights for Puerto Rico and support for statehood, the Orlando Sentinel reported. These candidates were endorsed … Read more

High school administrator recounts Gillum’s start in politics

Andrew Gillum, the democratic nominee for governor of the state of Florida, is campaigning to be governor, but what offices has he served in previously? In 1997, the student activites director told 17-year-old Gillum “You will be governor of the State of Florida one day” in 1997. Linda Awbrey, who was the student activities director … Read more

Tea Party encourages support for DeSantis

Conservatives’ support for Ron DeSantis, the Republican nominee for  Florida governor, is upheld by their faith in his political background. Sabrina Wheeler, an avid member of the Tea Party and the local branch in Jacksonville, Florida, spoke on behalf of DeSantis, who she’s known since 2011. “He is honestly just the best person for this … Read more

DeSantis resigns from Congress in midst of campaign

The Republican nominee for the governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, has resigned as a U.S. Representative in Congress on to focus on his campaign, the Miami Herald reported. In his letter of resignation that was given to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, DeSantis stated that because of his ongoing campaign, he will be absent from … Read more

Bernie Sanders Supports Andrew Gillum

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders said that Andrew Gillum’s election would be a huge step for Florida and America at a rally in Orlando, Friday, Aug. 17. Sanders has been actively supporting Gillum at rallys across Florida. Gillum’s opponent, Ron DeSantis, has outspent him in the race but Sanders says that money is not all it takes … Read more