Will The Split In The Republican ​Party Help Elect A Democratic Governor ​in Florida?

Since the effects of the 2016 presidential election have played out, it has caused a rift in the Republican party, those that vote Republican regardless of the person behind the party and those who are Republican but Anti-Trump and against his rhetoric. In some cases, Republicans are even voting for the Democratic nominee Andrew Gillum, … Read more

Conservative Rally Hosts Patriotic Voters Nearing Election Day

Ron DeSantis, the Republican nominee for Florida governor, has been campaigning around Florida in an effort to gain voters throughout the state. Leading up to the final days of voting, DeSantis has been campaigning in the North Florida area, a traditionally Republican part of the state. He began on Sunday, Nov. 4, by hosting a … Read more

A Young Female Conservative showed her support at DeSantis Rally Despite Not Able To Cast Her Vote.

Many Republican supporters showed up to the rally held in Daytona on Nov. 4 to support Ron DeSantis in his race for Florida governor. There were even some supporters who could not vote but wanted to do their part to benefit their candidate of choice.  Mckenzie Graham, 14, said she has stood beside DeSantis in … Read more

One day before election, Gillum leads DeSantis in polls

Just one day before the highly-anticipated Florida Governor’s race, Andrew Gillum leads Ron DeSantis by 7 percent in the polls, The Hill reported Monday. In a newly released Quinnipiac University poll, 50 percent of likely voters favored Gillum, while 43 percent favored DeSantis. Gillum’s 7-point lead is similar to the 6-point lead he had in … Read more

Is Ron being Don?

As the Florida governor’s race rolls into its final weeks of debates, campaigns and rallies the polls report DeSantis and Gillum practically neck and neck.  Gillum leads DeSantis 47 percent to 46 percent according to St. Pete’s Polls by ABC News.  This poll comes after a debate on Sunday where DeSantis set the tone immediately … Read more

Next Florida governor to appoint Supreme Court Justices, court says

Looks like the next governor of Florida, not Rick Scott, will get to appoint three new justices to the Florida Supreme Court, the court ruled Monday. This decision raises the stakes in an already tense gubernatorial race. The next governor will get to decide the court’s ideological balance of power for years to come, the … Read more

DeSantis veterans rally takes a humanitarian approach

After all the destruction caused by Hurricane Michael, Florida gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis hosted a rally on Wednesday–with a twist. Instead of hosting a the scheduled Jacksonville Regional Veterans Event for DeSantis, the campaign hosted a supply drive for victims of Hurricane Michael’s wrath. Over 50 people came out on Wednesday with supplies like water … Read more