Governor-elect Ron DeSantis to select three justices for Supreme Court

Three justices on Florida’s state Supreme Court are set to leave in early January because they will be passing the age limit to hold a seat. Governor-elect Ron DeSantis will be responsible for selecting their replacements once he is inaugurated in January, reported NBC Miami.  DeSantis has been presented with a list of 11 finalists … Read more

Florida voters pass Amendment 13 with little resistance

In a Washington Post article, the Committee to Protect Dogs called amendment 13 a “knockout blow to a cruel industry.” Florida voters passed amendment 13 by 69%. Amendment 13 ends greyhound racing in a state that is home to a majority of the most greyhound racing tracks in the country.  Greyhound dog racing tracks have until January 2021 … Read more

Gillum stumps in St. Augustine as race nears end

The democratic candidate for governor and Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillum arrived in St. Augustine last week. People gathered in St. Augustine’s Plaza de la Constitución to hear him and other democratic candidates in the Northeast Florida region speak. His speech focused on urging people to get out and vote and how he plans to better … Read more

Jeanette Nuñez and Ron DeSantis speak to “Women for DeSantis” in Jacksonville.

Ron DeSantis spoke to women voters Tuesday as he visited the Republican headquarters in Jacksonville. Also speaking that day was his running mate Jeanette Nuñez and his wife, Casey DeSantis.  Nuñez took the microphone first where she thanked the women gathered for their help with the campaign. “You recognize that our future is very much … Read more

League of Women Voters in Florida registers over 1,700 new voters

Founded in 1939, the League of Women Voters (LOWV) of Florida “fight to make democracy work for all Floridians.” The first step to making that happen is to make sure people are registered to vote. As of Sept. 30, 2018 there are 13,200,872 active registered voters in the state of Florida. Of these voters, over … Read more

Gillum will return to campaign Thursday, missing first debate

Andrew Gillum announced he will resume his campaign Thursday and will not attend the first debate that was set for Wednesday, according to the Tampa Bay Times. His campaign was suspended after Hurricane Michael that hit the Florida Panhandle last week, where Gillum is mayor of Tallahassee. “In times like these, campaigning has to take … Read more