Governor-elect Ron DeSantis to select three justices for Supreme Court

Three justices on Florida’s state Supreme Court are set to leave in early January because they will be passing the age limit to hold a seat. Governor-elect Ron DeSantis will be responsible for selecting their replacements once he is inaugurated in January, reported NBC Miami.  DeSantis has been presented with a list of 11 finalists … Read more

Gillum supports equal citizen rights for Puerto Rico

Andrew Gillum sought to gain Puerto Rican votes by calling for their equal citizen rights in Kissimmee on Monday, according to Florida Politics. After being endorsed by Puerto Rican governor Ricardo Rosselló, Gillum agreed with the governor in that there is a need for equal rights for American citizens in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rican residents receive … Read more

Puerto Rican Governor endorses Gillum and other democratic candidate

Gov. Ricardo Rosselló announced Monday that he supports Andrew Gillum for governor of Florida while in Kissimmee the Associated Press reported. The governor of Puerto Rico also endorsed Bill Nelson for senate due to his past position of equal rights for Puerto Rico and support for statehood, the Orlando Sentinel reported. These candidates were endorsed … Read more

Day One of the campaign for Florida governor: race is already a theme

Andrew Gillum became the first African-American candidate to win a major party nomination for the office of Florida governor on Aug 28. Democratic voters knew that race would be a factor in the coming campaign, but it was still surprising to see it headline the news the next morning, said the Miami Herald. Republican nominee … Read more

Possible candidates for lieutenant governor

With only two days left to announce their running mates, Andrew Gillum and Ron DeSantis have picked top candidates, according to the Naples Daily News.  The candidates have until Sept. 6 to choose who will join them in their candidacy for governor.  DeSantis’ top picks include Laurel Lee, Debbie Mayfield, and Bob Cortes, the paper … Read more

Governor Scott denounces Gillum’s proposed tax increases

Democratic gubernatorial nominee, Andrew Gillum, proposed a raise in Florida’s corporate tax rate that was criticized by Governor Rick Scott, reported the Tampa Bay Times on Aug. 31. To help expand school funding and give teachers a base salary of $50,000, the corporate tax rate would be increased from 5.5 percent to 7.75 percent, under … Read more