Morning Voters differ on whether this election is particularly important

Voters at a St. Augustine Beach precinct were asked questions about their opinion on voting. Q: Do you think voting is important? Why did you come out today? Bryan Greiner: “Yes, [it’s] very critical, it’s pivotal for this election to keep the socialist party out of office I think it’s really important and I think … Read more

Is Ron being Don?

As the Florida governor’s race rolls into its final weeks of debates, campaigns and rallies the polls report DeSantis and Gillum practically neck and neck.  Gillum leads DeSantis 47 percent to 46 percent according to St. Pete’s Polls by ABC News.  This poll comes after a debate on Sunday where DeSantis set the tone immediately … Read more

Florida candidates clash over education

Republican candidate Ron DeSantis released his education plan in September. According to the Miami Herald, DeSantis added the idea of revising classroom textbooks to ensure there’s no “anti-Israel bias.” Chris King, Democrat candidate Andrew Gillum’s running mate, said DeSantis’ new plan is not a problem rather a distraction. He said the only way DeSantis can beat … Read more

Susie Wiles becomes “Campaign Chairwoman” for a trailing Desantis

Trailing in the polls, Republican candidate Ron DeSantis announced Susan “Susie” Wiles as his campaign chairwoman to turn around his campaign for Florida governor, the Miami Herald reported. Wiles previously worked with Donald Trump on his Florida campaign in 2016 and with Gov. Rick Scott in 2010, according to the Florida Times-Union. She currently lives … Read more

Puerto Rican Governor endorses Gillum and other democratic candidate

Gov. Ricardo Rosselló announced Monday that he supports Andrew Gillum for governor of Florida while in Kissimmee the Associated Press reported. The governor of Puerto Rico also endorsed Bill Nelson for senate due to his past position of equal rights for Puerto Rico and support for statehood, the Orlando Sentinel reported. These candidates were endorsed … Read more

Florida education could take a turn with Gillum

Democratic nominee, Andrew Gillum, has made his education proposal a major pillar of his campaign. Florida schools are chronically underfunded, teachers say. Florida ranks 40th in the nation for students’ college-preparedness, according to the U.S. News and World Report. Gillum wants to pump $1 billion into early childhood education and raise teacher salaries to $50,000. … Read more

High school administrator recounts Gillum’s start in politics

Andrew Gillum, the democratic nominee for governor of the state of Florida, is campaigning to be governor, but what offices has he served in previously? In 1997, the student activites director told 17-year-old Gillum “You will be governor of the State of Florida one day” in 1997. Linda Awbrey, who was the student activities director … Read more

Florida governor’s race 2018: candidates’ policies in their own words

  Reported by the Orlando Sentinel, Gillum and DeSantis were asked to give three specific policy proposals that best represent their candidacy. U.S. Representative Ron DeSantis a, Republican wants to create more opportunities for students who want to enter the workforce out of high school. He also wants to recruit new industries in finance and … Read more