DeSantis Names Transition Team, as Recount Comes to a Close

As Florida come to a close, presumed governor-elect of Florida, Ron DeSantis, announced his transition team on Monday, Nov. 12. The staff members listed would assist DeSantis in setting up his administration. DeSantis made it clear that he is going to keep pushing forward despite the ongoing recount — confident that he’s been elected into … Read more

Q & A with the President of St. Johns County Trump Club: Diane Scherff

What do you think it would mean to Florida if another Conservative governor were to be elected, as in, Ron DeSantis?  “If Ron DeSantis wins, like I think he will, he will actually further what Governor Scott had been doing with his two terms, which is, keeping taxes low, keeping tourism up and clean water. … Read more

A Young Female Conservative showed her support at DeSantis Rally Despite Not Able To Cast Her Vote.

Many Republican supporters showed up to the rally held in Daytona on Nov. 4 to support Ron DeSantis in his race for Florida governor. There were even some supporters who could not vote but wanted to do their part to benefit their candidate of choice.  Mckenzie Graham, 14, said she has stood beside DeSantis in … Read more

Is Ron being Don?

As the Florida governor’s race rolls into its final weeks of debates, campaigns and rallies the polls report DeSantis and Gillum practically neck and neck.  Gillum leads DeSantis 47 percent to 46 percent according to St. Pete’s Polls by ABC News.  This poll comes after a debate on Sunday where DeSantis set the tone immediately … Read more

Early Voting Attracts Eager Voters In Neptune Beach, Florida

Some residents in Neptune Beach, Florida took the opportunity to promote the early voting by greeting voters outside the voting precinct and holding signs to try to get a last minute influence on voters. Christopher Dunn, 46, of Neptune Beach, said that he has had his mind made up about who he had in mind … Read more

Young Supporter Expresses His Dedication to DeSantis at Hurricane Relief Rally

The Hurricane Relief Rally on Oct. 10 attracted a lot of DeSantis supporters to come out to Jacksonville in hopes of meeting the candidate in person. Royale Dinero, 32, is a resident of Jacksonville, Florida and a huge supporter of DeSantis, which was apparent at the rally by his DeSantis and NRA apparel. He said … Read more

DeSantis veterans rally takes a humanitarian approach

After all the destruction caused by Hurricane Michael, Florida gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis hosted a rally on Wednesday–with a twist. Instead of hosting a the scheduled Jacksonville Regional Veterans Event for DeSantis, the campaign hosted a supply drive for victims of Hurricane Michael’s wrath. Over 50 people came out on Wednesday with supplies like water … Read more

DeSantis hosts hurricane relief drive in Jacksonville

As Hurricane Michael makes landfall in Florida’s Panhandle on Wednesday and Thursday, the Ron DeSantis campaign refocused a veterans’ event in Jacksonville to collect supplies for those affected by the storm. DeSantis and his family helped load water, diapers and canned food onto a truck outside his Jacksonville Victory Office on San Jose Boulevard. DeSantis … Read more